British Army


The British army retains its wide experience in different types of conflict, having been deployed in assorted war zones around the world in order to protect British interests. Increasingly frequent periods of martial law have also seen the army deployed on the streets of London and other cities in the UK. Governments increasingly look to the military for support as the country becomes ever more anarchic.

Create Settlement
Following the nuclear calamities that leave the Aldershot garrison part of a radioactive wasteland the armed forces set up a new garrison at Caterham.

Advance faction: Power armour
Naturally enough the army has always been the leader in the use of power armour since its introduction in the 2030s. Whilst other factions have access to the technology none of them can rival the decades of experience that the army has with it.

Advance Faction: Combat Walkers
Combat walkers are small vehicles piloted by one man and provide platoon level fire support. Large formations are unusual.

Event: The SkyNet crisis leads the government to declare a state of emergency and the military moves to contain the threat posed by the terminators. Heavy fighting ensues and continues for a number of months. As the situation worsens Parliament passes a law giving the military authority to use all means necessary to save the country. General Clarke promptly uses his new found power to suspend Parliament, with the private intention of never letting a bunch of corrupt civilians run the country again.


British Army

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