The Kings

The Kings, a group a vain people, believing that they are descendent's of the First King.


The Kings:

Five Kings rule over the people:

The King of Plague – Gabriel Harris – Causes epidemics so then people will buy his cures
The King of War – Michael Wood – Starts wars so people will buy his weapons
The King of Gold – Arther Fox – Deals with other factions to then drain their financial resources
The King of Fear – Luther Smith – Causes fear and confusion in his enemy’s to make them attack each other
The Queen of Lust – Emma Scott – Drives men and women insane by her promises of power and then crushes them under her foot-steps.

Soldiers: Knight (name)
Workers: Serf (name)
Scouts: Woodsmen (name)

Motivation: The Kings have an almost religious zeal towards the idea of their history, each believe they are descendent’s of the First Kings of the world and that only through their ruling can England and then the world come back to a state of well being.


The Kings

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