Wandsworth Advanced Research Syndicate


Syndicate of research groups vying to assert control through better technology and training of troops. Research will include weapons, armors, robotics, cybernetics and genetics.

Spokesman: Peregrine Klash; aka: The Falcon; aka: The Grinning Kalashnikov

Funding source: unknown
Internal Leadership: unknown
Political goals: unknown
Alliances: unknown
Sells to other factions/civilians: unknown

Tech level: advanced

Military applications of research: extreme
Civilian applications of research: average


P1T1: Faction Created
P1T2: Acquisition of central Wandsworth and establishment of new settlement
P1T3: Crystal Tech acquired for settlement
P1T4: Experienced raising of large area of land rising ~50ft above previous elevation


P2T1: Crystal tech knowledge spreads across faction; Terminators are created within faction
P2T2: Army of terminators is created; new settlement established at Heathrow
P2T3: Living skin put over terminators to make them indistinguishable from normal humans; propaganda to deny the existence of terminators
P2T4: Stole the world’s spy satellite systems; propaganda to make everyone think some random country was responsible
P2T5: Created laser weapons
P2T6: Created Skynet; lost control of Skynet and all other tech assets; Terminators are now controlled by Skynet


Wandsworth Advanced Research Syndicate

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