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I’ve had a quick look on the internet for stuff, hopefully the links will be useful. There’s a post Apocalyptic feel to most them because that’s something I like. It doesn’t mean everyone has to embrace it!

The Gamers Guild our fine local gaming store. If we can get stuff through them that’s always the ideal. No Guild, no where to play…

Old Crow Vehicles
All quite scifi. They make some other stuff too but the vehicles are the best stuff costing about £6

Ramshackle Games
Post apocalyptic minis. Beautiful vehicles at about £5 each and a selection of bikers.. check out the gallery to get an idea of scales.

Post Apocalypic forum with lots of pics of peoples minis.

A site for the Combat Zone rules Not the ones we’re using, but there’s lots of ideas here.

Necromunda, an old Games Workshop game, might also provide some useful ideas. You can find it all to download here.

links page

Future Wars gabrias