World Background Rules

Disclaimer: The GM always has the last word! :-)

These rules are based on Dawn of Worlds, essentially I’ve just re-fluffed them for our purposes.

The basic premise for the campaign is here. Check out the map section as well.

There are three phases of the game. In each phase some things are easier to do than others because they cost fewer points. Each phase will consist of a number of turns. Each player can take actions in a turn until they run out of points. In each turn you have 8 points to spend. If you do not spend them all, any that are left over can be used in subsequent turns. You cannot transfer more than 4 points from one phase to the next.

Every turn will have a forum thread. In order to keep the game moving, each turn will last 48 hours. If you don’t post in that time you can still post for another 48 hours, but you can’t initiate a conflict.

Phase 1 is about altering the environment. I have created a very simple map which we can add notes to. It’s a partially ruined city with a blank space around it, which I presume to be wasteland since this is for a SciFi skirmish game. If you want to add annotate the map, you need to create a wiki page for it first. I’ll try to keep the map up to date as the game progresses.

Phase 2 is about creating Factions. Presumably people will create the Faction they want to play on the tabletop, but there should be scope to create several if you feel so inclined.

Phase 3 is about relations – for our purposes this means developing conflicts between the Factions.

The table below summarises the actions you can take and how the costs vary in each phase.

Power Phase 1 – Environment Phase 2 – Factions Phase 3 – Relations
Alter Environment 3 5 8
Create Faction 8 6 15
Create Sub Faction 12 4 10
Advance Faction 10 5 6
Advance Settlement 8 4 5
Catastrophe 10 10 10
Event 10 7 9
Propaganda 4 3 3
Command Faction 8 4 3
Command Settlement 6 4 2

Alter Environment – This power directs the creation, modification, or erosion of mountains, hills, lakes, streams, rivers, forests, jungles, deserts, grasslands, tundra, steppes, and other land forms. On the game map, this power allows the creation of land forms within a 4 hex area. Using this power repeatedly can create whole ranges of mountains, inland seas, or vast wastelands Use your imagination, and don’t forget a few waterfalls. You don’t need to take up the whole area if you have a fun idea.

Create Faction – This power allows you to create a Faction. A Faction could be Neo Soviets, scavengers, Settlement Defence militia or whatever else you can up with. Each Faction must be given a starting point in the world where they begin to build their power base.

Create Sub Faction – This power is used for the creation of splinter groups from an existing
Faction. These must arise in territory roughly adjacent to their ancestors, and may or may not start out getting along with their neighbors.

Command Faction – By this power, the leaders of a Faction take action. Settlements are founded with this power, but it can be used for just about anything. This power may be used for starting wars, founding settlements, making alliances, settling territory, etc. Of course, you’ll need troops to go to war…

Command Settlement – A single Settlement creates something. This can be a wonder, wall, school, tower, or the like. Troops are also created with this power, though any given Settlement may only produce one army in a given turn. Troops and armies could cover anything from Terminator robots to armed civilians, so it’s probably wise to give them a name that describes them as it helps to characterise a faction, e.g. Leninist Militia, Militech Corporate Protection Forces, Skull Tribe Bikers.

Advance Settlement / Faction – This power causes the Settlement or Faction to gain expert knowledge in a particular area. These might include motorbikes, hit and run tactics, discipline, robotics or corporate profiteering. So long as that Settlement or Faction persists, it will always be the greatest in this field. Other Factions and Settlements still have access to it, but are not as good as the people who took the advance.

Event – Through this power come the changing of fortunes for a Settlement, or Faction. A gold mine may be found, a storm at sea may strike a fleet, plague, famine, drought may strike, or technologies may be lost. These are the great, unplanned winds of fortune that blow through the history of the world.


Since this game is about creating a background for a miniatures game, I think we can take a very free form approach to this. I suggest the folowing procedure:

  1. The player attacking should state his general desired outcome as win or lose.
  2. If the defender agrees with it, then the conflict is resolved, but the losing player may add in a complication for the winning Faction. This can be related to the conflict but doesn’t have to be.
  3. If the attacker and defender disagree then they list the factors which they believe help their side, e.g. Advances, homeground advantage etc. The other players then vote on which side they feel should win. In the event of a draw the conflict remains unresolved.

World Background Rules

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